Plum Paradise (Diptych)

Plum Paradise (Diptych), 8x16x1.5", Acrylic on Canvas on Wood Panel

hese are two original small abstract paintings created with layers of acrylic paint. Part of a new series called "Abrasion", a series of small-scale paintings using scrape and scratch techniques with leftover paint. When I'm making larger paintings, I use small panels and canvases that I have laying around in my studio to scrape excess paint off my spatula. Eventually these small pieces turn out quite lush with texture and color.

I have signed, titled and dated the artwork on the back and have painted the sides black. These paintings arrive wired and ready to hang. They can be displayed on your desktop, mantle, window ledge, shelf or wall.

I use professional grade acrylics with high quality color pigments that have very good to excellent resistance to fading. All of my paintings are finished with two coats of satin varnish to enhances the intensity, transparency and luminosity of colors and to protect the artwork from UV rays and dust.

Small paintings are the perfect collection starter. Imagine curating your own art collection as a means of personal expression to reflect your individual personality.

::: Title: Plum Paradise
::: Size of each painting: 08 x 08 x 1.5" (20 x 20 x4 cm)
::: Year: 2015
::: Medium: Acrylic
::: Support: Canvas on Wood Panel