Saturday, 1 February 2014

Improve Your Brand Fast with These 4 Quick Tips

This article is meant for general business but applies to the Art Business. Good reading! 

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Business is about products, service, and innovation. Business is also about relationships. But before a business can sell products or build relationships, it needs to grab the attention of potential customers. Business starts with image, and image is developed by effective branding. If you haven’t done much with branding, your business may not be achieving its full potential. Not to worry, however, there are four easy things you can do to formulate a brand that will dazzle your future customers.

Tip 1 – Establish a Message 
The best brands have a clear message about their products or services. It starts with a slogan. In anywhere from one word to a short sentence, define your company. Once you have figured out your slogan, back that message up with the company logo. The image of your logo accompanied with your slogan can make or break your marketing efforts. The slogan and logo are what customers remember most about your business, and so they need to be powerful and positive.

Tip 2 – Expand to Where the People Are
Whether or your old school or new school, a website matters in today’s business climate. Most businesses will not be able to compete without a professionally-designed website. A website should be an extension of your business, and it should properly represent your brand. It’s worth investing whatever you need to into your website to make it worthwhile to those who find your site online. A website that people can easily use and find what they are looking for can increase interest in your company and bring in new business.

Tip 3 – It’s All About Development
It doesn’t matter if your business has had great products for decades. Even if people love your products, there is a good chance they will leave you if nothing changes with the products you sale. People like products with new designs and updates from time to time. Make an effort to improve upon the products or services you sell, and try to add new things to sell in your business. A company that is progressing and innovative will keep their customers interested. They will find it much easier to attract new customers as well.

Tip 4 – Produce Loyal Customers
With many businesses not being honest about the quality of products or with various business transactions, people are hungry for companies that will treat them fairly. Business is personal, despite what some people may say. It’s personal because each customer that frequents a business is an individual who deserves respect. Honesty in business is about respecting the people who trust you with their business. If you have integrity with your customers, your customers will be loyal.

These four tips will generate almost immediate improvement to your business. By clearly defining your business with the right slogan and logo, you will find it easier to expand your brand to the Internet. With a clear definition of what your company is about, building strong relationships with loyal customers will be much more likely. As long as your business strives to live up to it’s brand, customers will keep coming back for more.