Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Upcomming show press release - You are Invited!

Entre l’Âme et l’Écorce

Exhibition by Carole Laurence, Lisa Carney and Hélène Richer

At la galerie d’art La Vieille Caserne, from April 3 – 11, 2010

Opening reception Friday April 2 - 7:00 pm

Entre L’âme et l’Écorce, an exhibition of the recent works of painters Carole Laurence, Lisa Carney (Asil) and Hélène Richer. An artistic trio with diverse influences but with a shared passion for art. Whether it is to capture a glimpse of the soul, to interpret our wildlife or to translate the earth’s emotions, the works of these three artists come together harmoniously.

Animalist and naturalist painter, Carole Laurence is inspired by all the beauty and luminosity of the warm colors of nature and animals. Seeking to show the latter with a new eye, she adapts the elements which surround her and interprets them in her own way. For more than twenty years, Carole has taught drawing, oil and acrylic painting.

Lisa Carney (Asil) paints rows of textured colors in an abstract style, referring to the sedimentary layers of the earth. Her desire to create is fed by our beautiful planet and its phenomena. Lisa’s work has been in many individual and group shows in Canada and the United States. Her art is part of many international private collections.

Painting in an advertising and art deco style, Helene Richer is particularly fond of the human face. Her characters reflect our emotions and non conformism. Her paintings have been shown in several exhibits, mainly in Quebec.

Welcome to all!

Galerie d’Art La Vieille Caserne, 216, Boul. Ste-Rose, Laval, Qc, H7L 1L6


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